Sunset Entertainment Group is on its way to being one of the world’s leading management companies with offices in London, Philadelphia and Miami. We are capable of dealing with all aspects of our artists’ careers and are able to offer unique services to our clients internationally, setting us apart from other companies, and can provide all the specialist backup to support an established act or to develop a new act.


Our work ranges from the most basic to the highest level of project coordination, from booking studio time to setting up photo shoots to implementing full out world wide marketing campaigns to working directly with the record label to launch the artist! The management and artists build a relationship through individual projects and decide on a specific structure for the business startegy that will best suit the artist and project for their genre and market place.


Our ultimate goal is to bring diverse styles to a diverse audience. In doing that, we seek out solid talent and good people. There is a longevity to a management relationship that requires integrity on both sides. With that integrity, we build a lasting business relationship on mutual trust that will foster career success.

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Our Team